Client Feedback – Delaware North

Jonathan/AJ & Co Lawyers do three things differently:

  1. They are proactive in trying to resolve issues;
  2. They look ahead and pre-empt issues that may arise and make contingency plans to deal with them and counter any roadblocks; and
  3. They provide commercial help with issues which other lawyers wouldn’t to help us make decisions to reach our end goals – they are results orientated.

Jonathan is not like most other lawyers who switch their phones off at 6pm. He is contactable at all hours, which for us is a huge benefit as we liaise with the US. This enables us to ensure transactions go through smoothly.

All our negotiations are tough. AJ & Co recently completed pub acquisitions for us. At the last minute, the lawyers on the other side were taking an unreasonable approach and Jonathan helped us get through that. He stood firm where he had to and handled the negotiations to ensure we got a good outcome at the end of the day.

His strengths are his work ethic and his abilities both technically and commercially. Often in terms of our timing Delaware North projects need to be done yesterday and the work is very complicated and complex with stringent timeframes. Jonathan has an ability to manage multiple projects and meet deadlines which is very important to us.

We couldn’t be happier working with Jonathan and AJ & Co. We have an in-house legal team, but as we handle such a multitude of matters, we need additional outside expertise for technical and specialised areas to assist us in removing headaches asap and assisting us to reach the outcomes. We use the services of a number of the team at AJ & Co to assist us currently. They have all been really good to deal with in helping us resolve issues. The most important aspect of a client/lawyer relationship for Delaware North are availability, expertise, and client relationship.

The professionalism, the client service and commerciality of Jonathan and the team at AJ&Co really stands out in the provision of their services, they tick all the boxes. We couldn’t be happier with the quality of work and our relationship with them. They started off as only a small provider of legal services to us, but now they are our ‘go-to’ provider of legal services.

Dennis Tuan-Mu
Legal Director
Delaware North