Client Feedback – DFI Australia

DFI is a market leader in North America in the design, supply, and installation of steel piling products. When we expanded to Australia in 2015, we needed legal advisors to help us navigate a new operating environment. Our business would not be growing rapidly today without the legal and commercial advice from AJ & Co Lawyers.

We feel like we have a real business partner that is invested in our success.

Their knowledge of the resources industry is excellent. They connect us with key people to help grow our business. AJ & Co is also fantastic at advising what permits and approvals we require and dealing with Government Departments.

When we had issues with a major client going into administration and the administrator raising a preference claim against DFI, Ashley and Jonathan at AJ & Co worked with us to protect our position. They knew the detailed insolvency provisions and applied these commercially to achieve an outcome that saw our interests protected in a cost-efficient manner.

They also had a backup plan if the first plan was not successful. Throughout what was a very stressful matter, we knew we had lawyers who were experts in the field advising us.

Often, I have found that lawyers are nothing more than roadblocks to commercial success, stopping you from doing what you need to do by raising unimportant matters.

The team at AJ & Co are not like this – when they tell us a legal issue is important, we know they have thought through the matter and looked for both legal and commercial solutions. AJ & Co is genuinely interested in seeing DFI be successful and grow its business in Australia and they show this in how they deal with our various matters. We look forward to a continued long-term partnership with them.

Matt Meyer

DFI Australia