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Get to know Cameron Burke of AJ & Co. Lawyers

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As featured in The Hotel Conversation, Cameron Burke providing valuable insights into the hospitality and tourism industry boom in Queensland.

AJ & Co. helps client hit jackpot with Darwin casino resort buy

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As featured in today’s Australasian Lawyer. A great achievement for Partners Jonathan Whybird, Mark Lowis, Sarah Bird and the whole Team at AJ & Co Lawyers.

MedPods Sunshine Plaza Clinic Opening

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Gavin McInnes, Corporate Advisory Partner of AJ & Co Lawyers attended the opening of the new Medpods Sunshine Plaza clinic on 27 September 2019 to support two of his clients, Medpods which is a franchisor and owner of specialist medical clinics, and KDR Build & Construct which is a medium sized building and fit-out company specialising in franchise fit-outs, service stations and general commercial construction. 

Gavin has assisted Medpods to franchise the medical centre business and is in the process of acting on the sale of the North Lakes clinic at present.

AJ & Co attending MedPods opening

Contract Negotiation Masterclass – hosted by Media Sales Mastery

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Gavin McInnes (AJ&Co) and Liam Loan-Lock were invited by Jamie Wood of Media Sales Mastery to discuss:

  1. the fundamentals of a good negotiation;
  2. the approach required to reach an agreement when certain terms or provisions are contentious; and
  3. ultimately why it’s important to negotiate with the view that you’ll be doing long-term business with the other party.

LISTEN HERE: Contract Negotiation Masterclass