Wendy Evans

Planning & Environment

There are only two Planning and Environment lawyers in Australia who have also practiced as town planners and have also been elevated to Fellow Members of the Planning Institute of Australia in recognition of their contribution to the planning and development industry. Wendy was the first of those two practitioners, meaning she brings a commercial and real edge to her legal expertise – of which is unparalleled.


  • Development strategy and application review/restructure, to best position the application and help avoid or reduce future litigation.
  • Planning advisory work for the private sector as well as local and state government
  • Statutory planning including planning scheme reviews, legislative, and policy reform, the preparation and review of charges resolutions and planning scheme policies, and the development of model conditions.
  • Negotiations and drafting work associated with infrastructure agreements.
  • Mediations by Court order or otherwise.
  • Litigation in the Planning and Environment Court including merits appeals, infrastructure charges appeals, conversion appeals, declaratory actions, enforcement work, applications for leave to appeal, and cost applications.

Why AJ & Co?

‘I am so glad to be a part of a team which has a beating heart. I want my clients to know that not only do I personally care about the work I’m doing with and for them, but also that my firm does. It’s a relationship based on meaning, action and quality. With this combination, what we do as legal practitioners moves from being transactional to real.’