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Who are AJ&Co

AJ & Co Lawyers is a commercial law firm that offers a wide range of legal services to private and commercial clients.

Each area of law is managed and represented by experienced partners with strong reputations in their area of practice.

If you have any enquiries, please contact info@ajandco.com.au.

The Formula

AJ&Co was founded in 2016 by Managing Partner Andrew Johnson (AJ) who aspired to create a results driven, relationship focussed commercial law firm delivering top tier legal services at competitive prices.

Our determination to deliver results for our clients is in our DNA. In only a short time, we have earned a reputation amongst our clients and peers for being agile, engaging and reliable, offering creative solutions to complex problems. We work hard to help our clients grow their business, because helping them achieve growth is how we measure our success.

Each of our six practice areas is managed and represented by partners with strong, proven skills in commercial and legal environments. Collectively, they have more than 130 years’ experience. Our dynamic, committed team are trusted problem solvers, working closely with clients to achieve the best outcome – by maximising opportunities and minimising risks


Our principal point of difference is our capacity to deliver top-tier expertise and superior client service in an innovative matter and at a competitive price.

AJ&Co provides advice to multi-national corporations, listed entities, private companies and not for profit organisations. We are committed to our client’s long term success, take time to understand their unique circumstances and provide proactive, commercial and holistic advice across a range of disciplines.


Our Values

  1. Integrity we are invested in our clients success, not just their legal needs. We are also invested in our partners and staff and in their personal development.
  2. Loyalty we value our relationships with our clients and invest our time in not only solving problems for right now, but looking at the lifetime of the business and investing in the next generation.
  3. Service we believe in providing customized service to our clients – listening and partnering with them, educating them on the right legal solutions to suit their needs and budgets (fixed fee or hourly rates).
  4. Commercially minded we think like our clients and believe in providing value for money.
  5. Leader & Experts technical excellence is our capstone, we we only hire the best, pioneering lawyers who believe in continuous improvement and believe that investment in our staff is an investment for our clients.
  6. Business ecosystem we don’t just connect with our clients, but believe in connecting our clients with each other. We designed our offices for our clients to use the space to network.


Relationships are everything

We value the relationships with our clients and invest time in not only solving problems for right now, but looking at the lifetime of their business.

We also invest in recruiting the right people to join the AJ & Co Lawyers team.

All of our staff have demonstrated:

  • academic ability & technical excellence;
  • commercial knowledge and understanding; and
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

We invest in the professional and personal development of all staff at AJ & Co Lawyers.